Society for PSI Research and Education

SPRE Presents:


"The New & Full Moon Cycles of Change" 

with Nancy Ogren 


"Changing the American Mindset Through Intuitive Living" 

with Michelle DesPres


Friday     May 16, 2014     7 - 9 pm  

  doors open @ 6:30 pm

Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living

2020 College Avenue, Suite #C1, Fort Collins, CO  80525 

$5 Donation - at the Door





"The New & Full Moon Cycles of Change"


Nancy Ogren



Nancy Ogren will present how we can experience re-focusing, re-affirming and re-grouping in the various areas of our lives on each New and Full Moon especially in the Divine Feminine Energy era we have transitioned into since 2012.  The future Moon cycles of change will be charged with new revelations and new attitudes emerging.  2014 is going to be a very interesting year, both personally and globally! 


For over thirty years, Nancy Miller Ogren has helped many people nationwide with her intuitive gifts, astrology readings and energy workshops. A past resident of both East and West Coasts, Nancy currently resides in Colorado and is continually in demand for workshops, bookstore events, and as a radio guest. Her "Moon Ways Guide" is written to tap into the New and Full Moon energies each month of the year.

"Moon Ways Guide" will be available May 16th for only $5.




"Changing the American Mindset Through Intuitive Living"


Michelle DesPres



Does higher thinking offer us the solution to our social and
philosophical life issues today? You bet it does!

Michelle DesPres will present an insightful, captivating, new understanding of how intuitive living is creating a new sustainable American dream.


Michelle DesPres is a clairvoyant medium, author, teacher and radio host at specializing in facilitating your higher understanding in regards to your relationship to yourself, others, your career, family and the world and cosmos around you. She enjoys offering alternative perspectives on healing our social and philosophical life issues today.




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Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living
2020 College Avenue, Suite #C1
Fort Collins CO

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